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Retro Suit Samus Project M Alt Costume


sweet baby hylia they’re all killing me


Mr. Stone gets to actually sit down in his chair now.

ORAS confirmed for best Pokemon game ever


Link’s Mario Kart bike is baller AF ⊟

Dubbed “The Master Cycle”, the bike will be one of the new vehicles included in the Mario Kart 8 DLC pack releasing next month. That $8 pack will include three characters (Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, and Link), four Vehicles (Blue Falcon cart!), and eight courses (including an F-Zero stage!)

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track name: Tomorrow Is Mine
artist: Keeley Bumford
album: Bayonetta 2 OST
play count: 22297

You awoke and unleashed the fire in my heart
I will dance and I’ll defeat them through the light and the dark
Your mistake was to underestimate my power
Won’t let go of the fight, ‘till Tomorrow Is Mine

I will ignite, dancin’ through the fire around me, I’ll never stop
You’d better hide now I’m in the mood for a fight!
You won’t know what hit you when I spin around with you in my dust bin 
Bang-bang, down-down!
Yeah, it’s my desire, you’re going for the win
Tomorrow Is Mine!

You better run, don’t wait here I’ll come, no
The fuel in my fire won’t run dry, it burns bright
And you better hide, I came for a fight, yeah. Until Tomorrow Is Mine
(Don’t miss me too much)


Zelda GIF Challenge: [5/5] Favorite Characters → Ravio & Princess Hilda 

"Princess Hilda, I…  I just wanted to save you all from this—you, who’ve worried endlessly about the fate of Lorule.  Please, Princess Hilda, let’s do the right thing.  Lorule may be doomed, but at least our kingdom won’t be condemned for stealing their Triforce."

"You’re right."


Pokemon Amie - Pidove



Oh my god


Pokemon League Champions